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(Pre-order)[Japanese Edition] BTS, THE BEST (1st Limited Edition Ver.A) 2CD + Blu-ray


Release Date : JUN - 17th - 2021 

- Blu-ray : 1DISC


- Mini Photo : 1st Press Only

1 Film out

2 DNA -Japanese ver.-

3 Best Of Me -Japanese ver.-

4 Lights

5 血、汗、涙 -Japanese ver.-

6 FAKE LOVE -Japanese ver.-

7 Black Swan -Japanese ver.-

8 Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.-

9 Go Go -Japanese ver.-

10 IDOL -Japanese ver.-

11 Dionysus -Japanese ver.-

12 MIC Drop -Japanese ver.-

13 [Bonus Track] Dynamite




1 Boy With Luv -Japanese ver.-

2 Stay Gold

3 Let Go

4 Spring Day -Japanese ver.-

5 ON -Japanese ver.-

6 Don't Leave Me

7 Not Today -Japanese ver.-

8 Make It Right -Japanese ver.-

9 Your eyes tell

10 Crystal Snow




1 [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music Video

2 [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoStay Gold Music Video

3 [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoLights Music Video

4 [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoAirplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.- Music Video

5 [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music VideoMIC Drop -Japanese ver.- Music Video

6 [Blu-ray/MUSIC VIDEO] Film out Music Video血、汗、 8057; -Japanese ver.- Music Video

7 [Blu-ray/MAKING] Making of Jacket Photos

8 [Blu-ray/MAKING] Film out Making of Music Video

9 [Blu-ray/MAKING] Stay Gold Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]

10 [Blu-ray/MAKING] Lights Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]

11 [Blu-ray/MAKING] Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]

12 [Blu-ray/MAKING] MIC Drop -Japanese ver.- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]

13 [Blu-ray/MAKING] 血、汗、涙 -Japanese ver.- Making of Music Video [Additional Edition]

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