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BT21 Official Collectible TWS Bluetooth earphone set (wireless charging supported)



Package :

- Bluetooth Earbuds X 2

- Bluetooth Charging Case engraved with the BT21 Logo X 1

- BT21 Character Accessory Case

- BT21 Logo Strap

Earbuds Battery : 40mAh Li-polymer Battery

Charging Time : About 1-1.5 hours

Music Playing Time : about 6-8 hours

Hands Free Time : about 3-4 hours

[How to connect]


1. If you take out the earbuds from the case, the LED indicator of the earbuds flashes green and power on automatically.


2. Open the 'Bluetooth Setting' on the phone, there will be 'BT21 TWS-L' or 'BT21 TWS-R'. Then please select it from the available devices. if is shows 'Connected', the connection between the earbuds and the phone succesfully.


*The earbuds can be used both simultaneously, or use either of the two earbuds alone with, 'Mono type'.

"After the earbuds connected to the phone successfully, it will be connected automatically when it put our from the case.

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