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Boys Republic EP Album Vol. 3 - BR:evolution


Release date: April 1, 2016 

This edition comes with a random photo card and an attendance card. 

1. Get Down

Composed & Arranged by Ryan S. Jhun, August Rigo, Jarah Gibson, Kyle Coleman, Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Korean Lyrics by 서지음 

2. 지켜만 봐

Composed by Hyuk Shin/ Beat & Keys/ Deanfluenza/ DK Lyrics by Mafly Arranged by Hyuk Shin/ Beat & Keys

3. V.I.P

Composed by 남기상, 박성진, 권선익, 김재웅 Lyrics by 남기상, 강전명 Arranged by 박성진, 김재웅, 정규성

 4. 널 위했던 노래(원준 Solo)

Composed by 원준(One Junn), 김인광 Lyrics by 원준(One Junn) Arranged by 원준(One Junn), 김인광 

5. Get Down (Instrumental)

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